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IoT Design and Implementations

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Instructor:        Dr. Yier Jin,  352-294-0401,


Course Description:   

Implementation of a Real-Time Operating System on an ARMCortex M processor to create more robust and complex microprocessor applications. Introduction to IoT applications.

Course Learning Objectives:   

  1. Understand the benefits of using an RTOS (Real-Time Operating System) on a microcontroller
  2. Learn about the architecture of the ARM Cortex M based processors
  3. Learn the basic components of an RTOS including both background and event threads, thread scheduling algorithms, inter-process communication, thread priority, and synchronization/mutual exclusion via semaphores
  4. Learn how to design embedded C software driver libraries for peripherals such as I2C RGB LEDs drivers and a resistive, pixel-based touch screen
  5. Interface with a CC3100 Wi-Fi chip to create an IoT application

Textbooks (recommended):   

  1. Real-Time Operating Systems for ARM Cortex-M Microcontrollers (4th Edition) by Jonathan W Valvano, ISBN-13: 978-1466468863, ISBN-10: 1466468866
  2. TI MSP432 ARM Programming for Embedded Systems by M. Mazidi, S. Chen, S. Naimi, and M. Salmanzadeh, ISBN-13: 978-0997925913, ISBN-10: 0997925914

Hardware (included):   

Required Software:   

Reference Materials (available here):   

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