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IoT Security and Privacy

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Instructor:        Dr. Yier Jin,  352-294-0401,


Course Description:   

The course will introduce the advanced topics of IoT security and privacy challenges. With IoT being deployed in various applications, IoT security and privacy issues become major concerns. Upon this request, the course will systematically analyze IoT security from hardware, communication, and system perspectives.

Course Learning Objectives:   

  1. Understand or master IoT security related to hardware, system and networking.
  2. Introduction to the definition of IoT, common IoT applications such as smart homes, and attacks against different IoT devices.
  3. Learn how to build IoT devices with Raspberry Pi.
  4. Get familiar with IoT communication protocols including MQTT, HTTP, HTTPS and Websockets.
  5. Introduction to Amazon AWS IoT, Secure Bootstrapping for secure IoT system, and IoT System Security and TrustZone.

Required Hardware: