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Linux 101

Basic Linux Operation based on Virtual Machine (short course)

Instructor:        Dr. Cliff Zou ,  407-823-5015,

Course Time: roughly 8 hours

                  Basic knowledge on computer organization and networking

Material Requirement:   

Each student should have a desktop or laptop computer for lab experiment
All software used in the class are free and open-source software, downloadable from the Internet

Course Learning Objectives::   

(a) Virtual machine: Learn how to set up virtual machine (VM) software (such as VirtualBox) on a computer, how to fast install a Linux or Windows virtual machine using Internet-downloaded VM images ;
(b) Learn how to use Linux basic commands and operations;
(c) Learn how to use networking applications (such as SSH, Nmap) in Linux.

Course Outline:

• Introduction of Virtual Machine concept
• Installation of VirtualBox software by the student on his/her own desktop or laptop
• Download Kali Linux VM image and install it under VirtualBox
• Step-by-step learning basic Linux commands and operations
    o Graphic User Interface (GUI) basic usage
    o File and directory creation, deletion and operation
    o User account creation and management
    o Basic file and text search, file text editing
• Download Metasploitable2 Linux VM and install it under VirtualBox, making it be in the same Local Area Network (LAN) with the Kali Linux
• Learn basic network operation and cybersecurity operation in Kali Linux, such as:
    o SSH and Ftp to the Metasploitable2 Linux VM
    o Nmap to conduct networking scan to the Metasploitable2 Linux VM
    o Password security

Lecture Slides:   

Lecture 1: Virtual Machine (ppt)
Lecture 2: Basic Linux Operation (ppt)
Lecture 3: Basic Linux Networking Operation (ppt)